Everyone has a personal favorite machine
if they've worked with more than just one or two machines.

So here's a little 'test'

see if you pick the 'best sounding' tape recorder your first try!

Choose the machine you think is the BEST SOUNDING TAPE RECORDER

SEARCH THE ENTIRE LISTING!!   Think carefully !!

the STUDER A-827

the AMPEX MM 1200

the OTARI MTR 100

the 3M M79

the AMPEX ATR 124

the SCULLY 100

the AMPEX MM 1100

the STUDER A-80

the MCI JH-24

the OTARI MX-80

the 3M M56

the OTARI MTR 90 mkIII

the AMPEX MM 1000

the MCI JH-16

Pick the machine you think SOUNDS THE BEST !
then see if you got it right!

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