Splicing Blocks for sale   !!!
Alas   I have just sold the last few Splicing Blocks I had in stock....

  I do NOT expect to get any more in stock!
But the nice folks at Splicit are making BRAND NEW 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch Splicing Blocks   !!
Splicit Splicing Blocks

NOTE: Tell them Goreski at AnalogRules.com sent ya !!!

Various Classic Splicing Block pictures   !!!
  These splicing blocks are used but in VERY GOOD CONDITION.

  Sorry  !!!     I have NO splicing blocks currently in stock
Good quality 2 inch blocks are rare,
so do NOT delay if you want one once you find one  !!!

Various 1/4 inch Splicing Block Pictures

Standard Length 1/4 inch blocks

Shorter length blocks


1/4 inch block, with just one side.   Works fine !



another 1/4 inch splicing block

This is a WELL used 1/4 inch splicing block, still useable, but worn


Recently Sold Splicing Blocks

An original Otari MTR 90 style block that is in very good condition

Cost: $   JUST SOLD  


Nice 1 inch Otari Splicing block... tape area is smooth
only 1 unit in stock       Price: SOLD

  Editall 2 inch splicing block

Quantity in stock: ZERO - all SOLD !!!

  Editall MTK 1/4 inch splicing block

Quantity in stock: ZERO - All SOLD
this is a nice full size 1/4 inch splicing block

  1/2 inch splicing block

Quantity in stock:   ZERO - ALL SOLD
In GREAT condition, almost unused.


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