Audio Test Equipment for sale

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The test equipment listed below is used, and in very good condition

All equipment will be tested before they're shipped out to insure they're working fine.
In some cases the test gear should be considered 'Vintage" since by now some are over 20 years old.

We will test all Test Gear before we send them out   !!!

Here is the Audio Test gear we have in stock....

    the links will take you to the specific item's page with photos, info, and pricing
If the specific page doesn't exist yet - email me for info


Audio Oscillator: Protek B-801
A Sweep Function Signal Generator with square, triangle or sine wave output
Protek B-801 Oscillator

Tentelometer Tape Tension meter: 1/4 inch up to 3/4 inch
Tentelometer: 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch model

Tape Recorder Wow and Flutter meter
Wow and Flutter Meter: x model

Simpson 260 Analog VOM with dB scale
Simpson VOM with dB readings: model 260

Leader Audio dB level meter:
Leader Audio dB meter

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