Lots of Odds and Ends
plus some Wierd Audio Equipment for sale

Strange things I have for sale - parts, supplies, gear...

JUST STARTED ON THIS PAGE - soon to be completed !


The following items are BRAND NEW and UNUSED.
Valley People Trans-Amp
Brand New, Never Used.     Untested but should be fine.
Price: $75.00     only 1 unit in stock


Yamaha NS-10 Tweeters   -   NEW in SEALED box   !!!!

  >>> a pair of BRAND NEW UNITS !   $ 225.00 for the pair
These are brand new units, in sealed boxes, never opened!
Pictures are of standard units - these are still in their sealed boxes !!




USED ITEMS for sale






ADC Patchbays - full punchblock units with normals   !!!!

  >>> Very good condition units !   $ 250 each
1/4 inch longframe PROFESSIONAL audio Patch Bays made by ADC.
Original new cost over $900 each!
All connections brought out to the rear punchblock - NO SOLDERING REQUIRED !
48 jackpoints.     You can make this a 'fully normaled',
'half-normaled' or even a 'non-normaled" patchbay by how you connect the
punch block normal pins.     Change wiring easily at any time

  Buy all 4 patchbays for $ 850.00   !!!!




I've just started this page and more gear will be listed here soon...

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