Here is a list of FREE SHURE manuals and schematics

  Shure FP33 mixer - M63 Audio Master - M610 feedback controller     and soon lots more !  

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SHURE   'FP33' mixer USER GUIDE (no schematics)

Shure   'FP-33' user manual... in one 'Rar' file  
(   1 meg large   )
ReUpped 10/15/17     Link GOOD


 SHURE   'M63' Audio Master (circa 1973)
  scan Courtesy of Gary Gadreal
SHURE   M63 Audio Master - manual and schematic
(   1.5 megs large   )
ReUpped 10/15/17     Link GOOD


 SHURE   'M610' Feedback Controler   (circa 1973)
 scan Courtesy of Gary Gadreal
SHURE   M610 Feedback Controler - manual and schematic
(   1.4 megs large   )
ReUpped 10/15/17     Link GOOD


 SHURE   'M625' Vocalgate   (circa 1973)
 scan Courtesy of Gary Gadreal
SHURE   M625 Vocalgate - manual and schematic
(   1 megs large   )
ReUpped 10/15/17     Link GOOD


 More older SHURE stuff comming soon !!!

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