QUALITY NEW and USED Professional Audio Parts

Tape recorder Parts:
Ampex / MCI / Otari / Studer

plus a very few semi-pro parts for Revox / Tascam / Fostex tape recorders


Hard to find IC's

Audio Test Equipment

Pro Audio Manuals and Schematics

plus some odds and ends, wierd stuff and strange gear

Please Note that I am Repair Tech and have been for 40 years now...
I work in my shop and at studio Locations.. and I'm busy !
Selling Parts and such is not my main business... I do repair work.
But I'm happy to sell some of the parts I have I stock if you need them.

please note there is a $100 dollar minimum parts order !!!
A $20.00 fee will be added to all orders less than the 100 dollar minimum....
All prices listed are subject to changes at any time