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Ampex 350 or 351 ?

What's the difference between the Ampex 350 and 351 Tube tape Recorder Electronics??

How to tell if it's a 350 or 351...

First off it's very easy to tell from the Face Plate if your electronics is a 350 or 351: look for the 'Black Dot"  !!

Here are 2 pics.. the first is a 350 , the second a 351.
Look under the center switch - the Ampex 351s all have a "Black Dot"

AMPEX 350 face plate (no dot !!)

AMPEX 351 face plate (with the "black dot")

Next the back looks completely different:

AMPEX 350 rear view

AMPEX 351 rear view (cover grill removed)

Finally the Ampex 350 REQUIRES a seperate detached
Power Supply - while the 351 unit has it's own Power Supply
built into the module.
Do NOT buy a 350 module without the Power Supply !!!!

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