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            but understand that I'm VERY VERY BUSY....
                     I cannot respond to every question I get... OK?


NOTE: we have a HEAVY Spam block on our mail...
you must put the word Ampex or MCI or Studer or Otari into the subject line !!!

Contact us:   Goreski  

if the "Mailto" function above does NOT work... use "goreski@analogrules.com"
WITHOUT the quotation marks of course !!!!

  also remember that some emails get 'lost' in the system from time to time, 
so if you don't hear from me in a few days - try emailing  me again!

Why no Phone Number   ??

First off I'm getting about 20 calls a day from various phone solicitors trying to sell me something....
as my office phone number was listed in the phone book for 40 years and on this site at first.
I now get so many calls with false phone numbers that I no longer answer my phone if I don't
see a known client's phone number displayed...     A 'real' person has to leave a message
and I return the call later.

Secondly a lot of engineers and studio owners want to call me and 'chat' about equipment and such...
taking me away from equipment repair work that needs to get done in my shop.    
I just cannot answer everone's questions or help everyone troubleshoot equipment.

Thirdly a lot of studio owners now want to repair their own equipment.... though they do not have the
technical experience to do it on their own.     And they want me to guide them over the phone.
That is NOT something I do.     It just takes up too much of my time... and is frustrating since
so many times I've told someone to do this or that, and of course they skip steps or do things incorrectly,
or tell me they've done what I told them to do but they really have not done it.

So in order to keep my sanity this website does not list my phone number.... please use email   !!!

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