Otari Remote Control and Auto-Locator Reference List

All Otari Remotes and Autolocators

Before you Buy a Remote ALWAYS check your manaul to insure a Remote will work with your particular machine !!!
and NEVER purchase a Remote or Autolocator that does not work correctly or needs repairs...

This list is based on Manual Information, Otari Data, studio owner remarks, and various other info...
while it should be correct, the information here is NOT 100% verified.

 Part number
  CB-102   MX-5050 BQ II   Remote
  CB-104   MTR 90   mkI   Locator       requires 4 cables
  CB-107   MTR 90   mkI   Locator
  CB-109   MTR 10 / 12   Locator
  CB-110   5050 mk-III series  Remote  
  CB-111   MTR 10 / 12   Remote
  CB-113   MTR 90 mkII   Remote       requires 3 cables
  CB-114  MTR 10 / 12   Remote
  CB-115   MTR 90 mkII   Locator
  CB-116   5050 BQII, mk-III  (16 pin)   Locator
  CB-116   5050 BQII, mk-III  (34 pin)   Locator
  CB-117   MX 70   Remote       requires 2 cables
  CB-118   MX 70   Remote       requires 2 cables
  CB-119   MX 70   Locator
  CB-120   MTR 90 mkII,   MX-70,   MX-80,   MTR 100     Parallel / Serial Locator -   must set internal DIP switches for each machine
  CB-121   EC-101   Remote
  CB-123  MX-80   Remote     16 or 24 channels   requires 2 cables  ?
  CB-124  MX-80   Remote     32 channel   requires 2 cables  ?
  CB-137   DTR-900 Remote
  CB-140   MX-70,   MX-80,  MTR-90 mkIII ???,   MTR-100 Remote
  CB-142   DTR-900 Remote
  CB-147   MTR-90 mkIII   24 track Remote
  CB-151   MX-80   8 track Remote

NOTE: When a Remote or Auto-Locator may be used in more than one tape recorder
it will usually need to be properly programed for each tape recorder model
via internal switches and machine switches, in rare cases a change of a
EPROM may be required.     Cables and connectors may be different as well.

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