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Here are some very very good articles on the Technical side of Audio equipment - You should read them !!!


Audio Op Amps - Myths and Truths

This is one of the MOST important things you can read.

If you go to various Audio Forums you will always hear that you should 'upgrade' Op Amps, Capacitors, and so on...

But more often than not, you will get mis-information, often by people whose business is the modification of equipment!

They make money ONLY if they can get you to modify your equipment - so they tell you that you really need to do it of course !!

They use mystical and unverifiable subjective words like 'more air', 'better definition', or they misuse technical terms

like 'Headroom'... saying lowering noise by 2 db automatically gives you more 'headroom' (it doesn't).

They say you need a 'better high quality Op Amp installed.... or special capacitors...

    Great Article on 'Op Amp Myths and Truths'    


More Technical Info on Audio Op Amps
This is a VERY good series written by Douglas Self for EETimes...

It is a bit technical, but gives a lot of good honest information on al types of Op Amps and their use in Audio Applications.
Note it is in 4 parts, with each part about 4 webpages in length.

    Great Article on 'Op Amps' Part 1    
    Great Article on 'Op Amps' Part 2    
    Great Article on 'Op Amps' Part 3    
    Great Article on 'Op Amps' Part 4    


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