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Audio VU Meters for sale

These are NOT cheap copies made in China that are
not to made to real VU meter specifications
Most of these meters come out of top quality VINTAGE Pro gear
or in some cases they are 'New 'Old-Stock'


All meters will be tested before they're shipped out to insure they're both accurate and have smooth movements.
In most cases these meters can be considered 'Vintage" since by now most are over 20 years old.

VU meters are delicate - they have to be handled with care.    
Since they can be easily damaged by dropping or mishandling...
VU Meters CANNOT BE RETURNED.     Consider them sold "AS-IS".


We will test all VU meters before we send them out   !!!

Here are the VU Meters we have in stock as of October 2017....

    the links will take you to the specific VU meter's page with photos, size info, and pricing
If the specific page doesn't exist yet - email me for info


MCI VU Meters
MCI JH 110 Vu Meters with Bezel and mounting hardware
nice for 'Do It Yourself Projects' !!

Large MCI VU meter
JH 500 / 600 Stereo Out ?


Ampex 350 / 351 VU meter
Classic Large-Size VINTAGE VU meters

Ampex 440 'A' or "B' VU meter

Ampex 440 'C' VU meter

Ampex MM 1100 VU meter


 OTARI VU Meters
MX 80 and MX 70 VU Meters

5050 series VU meters


 UREI   VU Meters
UREI   VU Meters for the 1176 and 1178


 Other VU Meters
Varous other VU Meters for sale

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