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FREE Tape Recorder Manuals and Schematics

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FREE   Ampex Manuals and Schematics
MM1200   MM1100   MM1000   AG440   ATR 100   ATR 800   Tube 350 - 351
All Links reUpped 12/27/17

FREE   Studer Manuals and Schematics
A-827   A-820   A-800   A-810   B67   A67
ALL files ReUpped 9/13/17

FREE   MCI Manuals and Schematics
JH110B     JH16     JH24     JH400     JH500     JH600     AL2 & AL3
All files reUpped 9/07/17

FREE   Otari Manuals and Schematics
5050     MX70     MX80     MTR10     MTR90    MX55
ALL files ReUpped 9/09/17

FREE   3M     M79   and   M56   manuals
all Links ReUpped 09/08/17  

FREE   Revox Manuals and Schematics
A77     B77     PR99    
All files ReUpped 9/22/17

FREE   Uncommon Pro tape Recorders - Manuals and Schematics
Lyrec   Scully   Aces   others soon...  
Some Links ReUpped 9/17/17   Will ReUp all ASAP

FREE   Semi-Pro Manuals and Schematics
Teac   Tascam   Fostex   and others
All Links reUpped 10/03/17

FREE Outboard Gear Manuals and Schematics

Free   EMT Schematics, Manuals and other EMT material !!
All Links reupped 10/15/17  

Free   Altec Manuals and Schematics, and other materials !!
All Links Reupped 10/03/17  

 Kepex gain-brain,  DBX 160,  Aphex Dominator, and  Dolby A-301
Schematics, Manuals and other info !!

All Links ReUpped 9/07/17   Links GOOD

Free   SCAMP Modules:
  Schematics, Manuals and other info !!

All Links restored 10/15/17  

Free   SHURE   Schematics, Manuals and other info !!
- M63 - M610 - FP33 -
All Links restored 10/15/17  

FREE Mixer Manuals and Schematics

Free   Trident Series 65 Mixer manual (with schematics) !!
ReUpped 09/07/17     Link GOOD

Free   Trident TriMix schematics
thanks to OLE JENSEN for this scan !!!
ReUpped 09/07/17     Link GOOD

Free   Trident TriMix Info
thanks to OLE JENSEN for this scan !!!
ReUpped 09/07/17     Link GOOD

Free   Neve 34128 Manual Scan (no schematics) !!
ReUpped 09/07/17     Link GOOD

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